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Voir les dimensions de l'abri


Time or money is no longer an issue! Need a parking space protected from winter storms? The Carport instant garage is the cost-effective solution for you. Need additional storage space? Want to eliminate clutter from your house garage? The Carport instant garage is the answer to your space needs.


Versatile, the Carport is available in widths from 4' to 20'. Use the narrow model to cover an alley on the side of the house or a side entrance. Your driveway is long but narrow? No space to install a double car shelter? Choose the length you need, in multiples of four; the only limit is the size you need. You can then park two vehicles one behind the other instead of side by side. Heights vary from 6'6'' to 16'. With such versatility, you can customize your carport instant garage according to your specific needs. The possibilities are as numerous as the sizes available!

Contact a Harnois dealer near you to see how the Carport instant garage can suit your needs!

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