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Plus 12®.

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You do not want to invest in the construction of a conventional garage? Your career brings you to move often? You do not want to build a permanent garage before knowing exactly where you want it in your backyard? Your teenager just bought a car?

A portable garage is the solution for you. The Plus 12 will provide the necessary protection in the wintertime and can be dismantled easily in the spring so you can fully enjoy the available space.

This house-shaped portable garage was designed to blend in with the surroundings. With two windows and a choice between grey or clear covering fabric, its aesthetics are perfect for all types of neighbourhoods.

Install you portable garage near the street to minimize the amount of snow you have to clear. Install it in the back of your yard to store heating wood inside. Set up the portable garage near your garden to store lawn mowing equipment or gardening tools.

Contact a Harnois dealer near you to see how the Plus 12 portable garage can suit your needs!

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