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User Guide


It is important to make sure that the tarp is dry when you are ready to store it in the springtime. You must remove the dirt accumulated throughout the winter before storing the tarp. To do so, spray the tarp with water, then vaporize biodegradable cleanser, scrub gently, rinse thoroughly and let the tarp dry completely before storing it. Store your tarp in a dry place away from sunlight.


If your tarp ever needs to be repaired, call an authorized Harnois dealer. You can trust him to make an accurate estimate of time and repair costs.


Even if Harnois shelters were not originally designed to cover smokers’ room, it is possible to replace an existing tarp by a fire retardant one. The shelter can then be used for smokers and complies with standards regulating that type of shelter. Please contact a Harnois dealer near you for more information.


Never leave any accumulation (of snow, ice, etc.) on top of the shelter. When removing snow, we strongly recommend that you do so from the outside of the shelter instead of from the inside. Also, be sure to remove snow from both sides of the shelter at once, to avoid snow thrusting on one side, which can twist the structure.