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Industrial Shelters / Industrial


Mostly used for industrial storage or on construction sites, Harnois’ warehouse shelter can be adapted for any use. Make it wider or longer, the warehouse shelter is customizable to suit your needs. The straight walls allow you to maximize storage space while keeping activities around the warehouse shelter easy and safe.

Built to last with North American galvanized steel and covered by a UV-treated cover, Harnois’ warehouse shelter will last for years. It is easy to set up with, clear and detailed assembly plans, so that you could tend to other business quickly. Buy yourself peace of mind with Harnois’ warehouse shelter.

Use it to cover unloading platforms, working areas, bulk materials, etc… name it, the warehouse shelter can cover it!


We offer you a shelter for multiple uses made from North American pre-galvanized steel with a sturdy welded tarp. Visit our fully dedicated website to our industrial and custom products for more information : Industrial shelters

Contact us to see how the HDT warehouse shelter can suit your needs!

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Specifications for Industrial

WIDTH 12′ to 45′
LENGTH 4’ and more
CLEARANCE 10′ to 20′
OVERALL HEIGHT According to dimension
ARCH SPACING 4′ or 5′ (according to dimension)
FRAME (ARCHES) Galvanized steel with an oval form (1 5/8’’ x 2 3/4″, 14ga.)
TARP Woven polyethylene fabric, UV stabilized, 5.65 oz./sq.yd
**12 oz./sq.yd welded tarp available
COLOUR 5.65 oz./sq.yd:
-Clear opaque with 2 windows
-Grey (without window)
12 oz./sq.yd:
-Forest green
PACKAGING Frame attached with tape